floating thru life
holistic stress reduction

floating thru life
holistic stress reduction

About Me

Hello!! It is a pleasure to "meet" you!

I have been interested in self improvement as long as I can remember. Yet, I still struggled with being SO stressed out with work, family & raising young boys while my husband was working nights and out of town. It felt like I was balancing my entire life on one leg when the rug was pulled out from under me!

It took me some time to figure out that this usually cheery person was actually depressed! I could not believe what life was "throwing my way!"  At my lowest point I felt like I was in a ditch trying to breathe through a straw while people kept piling on manure. What do I do? How do I  keep it together? How do I still show up for my young kids and my husband and not lose myself inside my head that was overflowing with worries, doubts, fears and concerns?  How do I not let the world know how much I am hurting inside, or what daily battles I am fighting and overcoming and continue to show up everyday?

Then one day the thought came to me: how do I turn this breakdown into a breakthrough?  I began looking for answers. I needed to know how I do I go from feeling so low to becoming my happiest self. I wanted to feel an alignment of my mind, body and spirit! I knew I was supposed to learn from this, to grow!

Then the breakthrough came; I was introduced to a coach! I knew I needed guidance and support to be able to start to make real lasting change. I did not know where the money was going to come from and I was so grateful when the coach said that she would work with me and let me do a payment plan. Filled with gratitude I began the journey to find me! 

The coaching got me restarted on the right foot. Since then I have not looked back, but instead continued to add to my stress-reduction toolbox; great trainings that help me to guide others. The amazing Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught me that nutrition includes what you feed your body, mind and spirit, and that what works great for one might not work well for others. I learned how to help my clients with a highly individualized program to focus on their strengths to create lasting life changes!

Next, I was thrilled and honored to learn the ancient art of Reiki! I had seen it help my family in the most wonderful ways and I got hooked! After studying and practicing Reiki for a few years I was proud to become a Reiki Master - knowing I would be able to help continue to guide my clients more profoundly through their healing journeys!  

I continued to help clients in the off hours of managing an animal hospital and being a Veterinary Technician.  I had so LOVED the Veterinary profession!  After 24 years it was not loving me so much! I had some serious injuries from getting tossed around by the big dogs over the years.

Each day I would think about the AMAZING results my clients were seeing; who were reducing their stress levels from 11 (out of 10 ) to 7 within their session! That was where I wanted to be! I knew then that I needed to stop playing small and share the word about what the combination of my services can bring to help people dramatically reduce the stress in their lives and bring back their zest for life!

I know that I am here today to share the tools and practices to help you create more happiness and peace in each day! !  If you are ready to take that first step then click the button below to book your complimentary chill out 20 minute discovery session.

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