floating thru life
holistic stress reduction

floating thru life
holistic stress reduction


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Mindset Calibration Reiki Recharge:  This popular package includes four 65-70 minute sessions. It uses a powerful 50/50 combination of "laser" mindset coaching and distance Reiki. Through Zoom we enjoy a virtual  cup of tea or coffee as you share about your worries, doubts, concerns and fears that are keeping you awake at night or stressing you out during the day. We then look at ways to change how you feel about them, release what is no longer serving you and set intentions for how you WANT to feel and want to see in your world. Through a guided relaxation and visualization - we breathe into these new intentions as you find yourself relaxing and releasing your stress, worries, doubts and fears as you drift off into an energy shifting distance Reiki session. Upon waking, you find yourself feeling renewed and refreshed. Many clients fee expansive, frisky and eager for more continued good vibes as they begin to flow through their days with more ease.........focusing together once a week for 4 consecutive weeks: $1,111.00 

Individualized Stress Release Journey:  Are you ready to actually RELEASE stress' hold over you?!  Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed or uninspired? Are you committed to take a stand for your self and to start creating lasting change?  Are you ready to learn AND implement the changes needed to create a life you are looking forward to awake to each day?  Think of the ripple effect in a pond when you toss a stone in.  You watch the circular pattern grow and move away from the spot where you tossed that stone. Now think of yourself as the stone and all of the people that your happier self will come in contact with (the ripples)! Think of the improved relationships with your children, spouse, co-worker or even the person behind the counter ringing you up at the store. You will have one-on-one support through this 6 month journey enjoying a session each week. Each session begins with 45 minutes of mindset coaching. After a 5 minute movement break we set those new intentions and release what no longer supports you during your recharging 30 minutes of distance Reiki. Imagine that you awake from your session feeling inspired to play with your new intentions and empowered to move forward and create lasting change. Are you ready to move into that life you are desiring to create? If you are thinking that you cannot find the 80 consecutive minutes we can schedule the distance Reiki later in the same week. But please take my word for it that the most powerful changes occur in the combination of the two-part sessions. Your journey includes once a week, 80 minute zoom sessions & you get to enjoy the one on one support and guidance in between sessions during 6 months to create a strong foundation for a life lasting transformation. Imagine being a client and the fun you will have messaging me all of the amazing synchronicities and desires coming to fruition. (That is SO common with my clients!!) ......$8,888.00 

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Are you not sure what Reiki is?

Are you thinking can this really work for me? Are you wondering about the difference of a distance session versus an in-person session? Did you know that Reiki is practiced in hospitals and even during surgery? Dr. Oz has even had a Reiki Master in his operating room numerous times. The wonderful practice of Reiki helps so many! Why not see how it can help you! The following is one of the best descriptions of Reiki that I have seen. The author is a fellow Reiki Master, Evelyn Chapman, and thankfully Classy Career Girl said I could share it with you.

1. What is Reiki?  Reiki is the universal energy that connects our higher self with everything around us. It is the life force that connects us to what we need. All living things are made up energy. This energy goes by many names such as ki, chi, prana, soul. Scientists  confirmed the presence of this energy using tools, such as Kirlian Photography, to capture visual proof.  With this understanding, many disciplines have been developed to help develop and balance this energy. Reiki, qigong, tai chi, meditation, yoga and feng shui are just a few of the many ways individuals can enhance the flow of this energy. Reiki is not a religion, but rather a tool for physical healing, mental and spiritual growth. Hopefully this helps you answer the basic question of "What is Reiki?"

2. How does Reiki work?  Although Reiki has traditionally  been used as a healing system, it is also extremely effective as a way to help individuals increase awareness, insight, wisdom and personal growth. Our bodies are energetic in nature. Our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our blood, thoughts, etc. vibrate at higher frequencies. This magnetic pulse is known as a bio magnetic field. In Eastern traditions, this pulse is known as Ki or Prana. When a practitioner is performing a healing session, the energy that emanates from their hands produce a significantly larger bio magnetic reading (7-10Hz - Theta and Alpha range) than a non practitioner. These frequencies are associated with physical healing. 

3. What are the benefits of Reiki?  Reiki may help recipients to relax, bring clarity and energy. It may relieve  physical pain, accelerate natural healing and prevent the progress of disease. Reiki also has the potential to detoxify the body, dissolves energy blockages and release emotional baggage.  As Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body, it helps change negative conditioning & behavior. Some common observations by recipients include: feelings of contentment, decreased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety reduction and in some cases elimination of physical illness. 

4. How do people typically feel after a session?  People sometimes notice physical sensations such as feeling tingling or changes in temperature, seeing colors, feeling light or heavy with in the body, feeling sleepy or relaxed. Others may not feel any sensations at all which is completely normal. During my sessions and attunements, I typically just feel relaxed. Shift happens and it does not need to be accompanied by bells, whistles and flashing light to occur. Reiki energy can be very powerful and does not need to make it's presence known while healing and supporting the receiver on all levels. 

5. What happens during an in person Reiki session?  During an in person Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands on or just above a client's body. The practitioner conducts universal energy from their arms, and out through their hands where it flows into the clients body. During a Distance Reiki session, the practitioner channels the healing energy to the receiver. The results of a distance Reiki session and in person are the same as the universal energy is not limited by time or space. It's important to note, the practitioner does not rely on their own personal energy, rather they are conduits for focusing the energy from the world around them.  In an in person and distance Reiki session the energy drawn in by the recipient is done through the practitioner. The energy will go where it is needed and in the order that the recipient's body and mind determines.