You are going to absolutely love your

Private 1:1 Distance Reiki Session...$88 USD

45 minute Zoom appointment with 30 minutes of relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki energy

  • Get comfortable (don't forget your blanket!) as I do the "heavy lifting" for you
  • Get into a¬†relaxed¬†&¬†higher Vibration¬†as we move into the¬†guided Meditation¬†- helping you to slow down and move into the receptive mode
  • Move into your¬†relaxing and rejuvenating customized distance Reiki Session¬†- waking up with¬†clarity¬†& ready to take those inspired steps¬†having¬†released old energetic blocks
  • Awake feeling relaxed, focused and "rebooted"

Group sessions available upon request...

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Are you serious about lasting change?

Then you are going to want to schedule your

Mindset Calibration Reiki Session... $222 USD  New Clients Introductory Price $111 USD!

65-75 minute Zoom session where we do several things

  • First we quickly chat about what is stressing you out and then I guide you to switching your focus on what you actually want to see in your world and you start transforming your energy as you let go of these blocks
  • Get comfortable (don't forget your blanket!) as I do the "heavy lifting" for you 
  • We get you in a higher vibe as you enjoy your individualized guided Meditation and visualization - calling to you what you just learned to focus upon that you want to see more of in your world
  • You then transition into your relaxing and rejuvenating distance Reiki Session

By the end of our time together you will have 

  • Shifted the way that you see your world - from what was stressing you out to focusing on what you actually want to bring in to your world
  • Call those vibes in to your world with your distance Reiki session
  • Identify and release your biggest limiting beliefs  and energetic blockages in real time
  • Envision, visualize and imagine your ideal, prosperous & abundant future
  • Finally releasing the stories and limiting beliefs about what you can't have and why you can't have it and then transforming instantly, effortlessly into an energy where you know you can have each and every intention, dream or desire you want and be inspired to go create it! 

YES! You really can experience all of this and more in just one breakthrough session with me! 

*Group sessions available upon request...

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Your Bi-monthly Opportunity for in Home Reiki

1 Distance Reiki Session...$22 USD

If you are like my other clients who love to move from feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed & controlled by their monkey mind to feeling soothed, relaxed, calm, centered & at peace by the end of the distance Reiki Group Session...

Then this is for you!! AND... All in the comfort of your own home!

  • Get comfy (bring your blanket and some water) for 45 - 50 minutes together on Zoom
  • We start off getting centered, relaxed and focused with a guided meditation¬†¬†
  • You will then enjoy moving in to the Distance Reiki Group Session: approximately 25 - 30 minutes of chill (you will want to be able to get comfy and use that blanket)
  • Can't make it live? No worries! You will get access to the recording¬†for a week.¬†¬†

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Feel so "refreshed, renewed & more clear headed - ready to take on the world with good vibes"¬†
  • Have released stress and the physical, mental and spiritual¬†discomfort that comes with it!¬†
  • You will begin to invite more of what you WANT to see and feel into your world and actually start to FEEL that by the end of your group session!
  • Don't forget to¬†share this invitation with your friends and family & loved ones¬†- no matter where they are in the world! You can enjoy the chill time "together" live on the call or even set up a time to do the recording together afterwards, it's always more fun with friends and loved ones!¬†¬†
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